your pet and you

Your Pet and You by Tobias Lang

The art collection (it will be fair to say this photography art collection) that we are representing to your attention so willingly is the creation and the result of the fantastic and creative imagination of the interesting and fantastic artist and at the same time photographer whose name we should keep in our minds when we need great photos with our pets (which you can surely see right here and right now and which was decided to name your pet and you), so the name of this very artist is Tobias Lang.

your pet and you

The art of photography is one of the modern ones and one of the popular ones but we know that not all people master this art and not all human beings can create art works with their cameras, so the artist and photographer Tobias Lang is an exception as he is one of the best photographers who is always ready to amaze us with the art news.

Here is what we have found while searching for mre information about the photograher Tobias Lang and visiting his personal web site we found out this sentence: “To take photographs means to recognize - simultaneously and within a fraction of a second - both the fact itself and the rigorous organization of visually perceived forms that give it meaning. It is putting one’s head, one’s eye and one’s heart on the same axis.

Henri Cartier-Bresson”.


Baby Skulls by Shawn Barber

The art collection which we are going to represent to your attention right here and right now is the great way to attract your attention at the paintings which we decided to call baby skulls as the skulls that you can see on these very art works belong to babies and this can be a sad story from the artist and painter who created these fantastic paintings and whose name is Shawn Barber.


Whiles searching for more information and at the same time art news from the artist Shawn Barber and his art we have found his own words about his own art and here we are going to represent it to your attention right here and right now: “I’m happy to announce my second solo show in New York City-”Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series’, Opening this Thursday at the Joshua Liner Gallery. This new body of work is a collection of works from the past two years inspired by my journey as painter becoming a tattooist. The last several years have been arduous, yet rewarding; and I’m ready for an extensive break from solo shows for a while.

With this new show, I have challenged myself to go beyond my own expectations and have worked harder than ever. Tattooing 3-4 days a week and painting every night until the sun comes up every single day to give these paintings the energy they deserve. I’m happy enough with my efforts and hope that the work is apparent. 

In addition to the 25 new oil paintings, the gallery is also offering a hand signed, limited edition version of my upcoming book, Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series. The special edition of this book is limited to 100 copies signed and numbered, and is available for $75 plus shipping. Please contact the gallery if you would like to purchase one, we do not expect these to last very long. If interested in purchasing any works from the show, please contact the gallery directly”.


Sightseeing by Jonas De Ro

Speaking about this interesting sightseeing we should mention that the creator of these amazing paintings is the artist and at the same time painter whose name we should keep in your minds and whose name is Jonas De Ro.


While searching for more art collections and art news from the artist and at the same time painter Jonas De Ro we should mention his own words: “I’m Jonas De Ro, a Belgian digital artist doing freelance and in-house concept art, design and illustration for film and games. I’m currently living and working in the UK, London”.

Besides that we should represent to your attention the question and answer of Jonas De Ro here you go: “Q: Do you take commissions?

A: Rarely. I work nearly full time as a concept artist and have little time for small projects. You may still request them however.

Q: Do you work for free?
A: No, I don’t do any free work. Please don’t contact me about this. This is my job and it’s what pays my bills. I only work for employers that offer an industry standard salary.

Q: Can I use your personal work as a cover for a book, music album, etc…?
A: Yes, if used commercially you will need to pay usage rights.
Please contact me for details and mention the usage type (print, web, etc…)

Q: Can I use/post/share any of your works here for free?
A: Yes, you may freely use the resolutions available here for non-profit usage (blogs, youtube videos, facebook, school project, etc…) Credit is appreciated but not required. Please do note that all these works are copyright protected and alterations or unauthorized commercial usage are not allowed”.

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Mermaid by Victor Nizovtsev

The art collection which we are so willingly representing to your attention is representing the mermaid whome we remeber (I hope that you remember) from the fairy tales and why not from the Disney cartoon the little Mermaid so we are going to represent to your attention these amazing paintings and besides that I am going to give you some information about the creator of these fantastic drawings and by the way the name of this fantastic art is the artist and at the same time painter Victor Nizovtsev whose name you should keep in your minds.


Here is the information which we are going to give you about the artist and painter Victor Nizovtsev, so enjoy the art news from the web site of the artist Victor Nizovtsev: “Victor Nizovtsev is a masterful oil painter of theatrical figurative composition, fantasy, landscapes, and still life. While his professional art training occurred in Russia, as an artist Victor is a student of rich and diverse experiences. Inspiration for Victor’s art comes from all he sees and touches. It can be Greek mythology, Russian folklore, childhood memories, great Masters of the past, or routine daily life”.

Just stay with us to be in the center of the art works.


Sherlock Holmes Heroes by Alice X. Zhang

These very paintings which we are so willingly representing to your dearest attention are created being inspired by the legendary story and the latest film of Sherlock Holmes and by the way the creator of these very art works is the artist and at the same time great painter whose name we are going to keep in our minds while remembering the stroy of Sherlock Holmes is Alice X. Zhang.


Just try to have a look at these very drawings and try to guess Sherlock Holmes heroes in these very paintings which we are representing right here and right now in order to make you think over them and at the same time admire them as they are art collection by the artist and painter Alice X. Zhang.

Here is some art news from the artist Alice X. Zhang: “Hi! I’m Alice, also known around here as alicexz. I’m a full-time freelance designer, illustrator, and portrait artist.

The following things are ALWAYS OKAY WITH ME!!! So you don’t!!! need to ask me for permission for these things ever!!!! (Seriously don’t please help me cut down on my 9000+ messages)

Sharing my art anywhere online (credit appreciated)

Copying/referencing my art for educational purposes (credit appreciated)

Using my art as your avatar or Facebook cover or desktop wallpaper (or whatever other personal use)

Getting a tattoo of my art (photos pls)

Printing out my art from online files to decorate your whatever (seriously it’s okay I understand not everyone can afford to buy prints)

Using my art for… like… SIMS?? Or as custom thingys for games? I swear I got some questions about this but yeah uh do what you want

In fact the bottom line is I really do not care what you do with my art at all as long as you give credit and don’t 1.) purposely remove my signature or worse 2.) CLAIM YOU DREW IT YOURSELF ok seriously I will kill you

Everything else is usually a-okay tho grasshoppers”.

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Egg Art by Wen Fuliang

These fantastic sculptures which we are going to draw your attention at are the art works by the fantastic artist and why not painter whose name is Wen Fuliang.


Speaking about the art news of the artist Wen Fuliang we should mention some art news about the art collection and also the art which we found out in one of the web sites and here is the information: “These pictures show the incredible sculptures carved from egg shells by Chinese artist Wen Fuliang.

Wen, of Shaanxi province, was laid off from his job as a wood carver and turned to the unusual and skillful form of art to make ends meet.
He uses chicken, goose and duck eggshells to carve out places of interest, such as the iconic Dayan Pagoda in Xi’an. Wen Fuliang has practiced eggshell carving for more than ten years.

Egg carving is done using a fine diamond bit on an electric rotary tool. The artist sketches a design on the shell, which has been carefully emptied of the yolk and egg white with a syringe”.

Just stay with us for more information about more artists like Wen Fuliang and others.


Women Portraits by Artist Wang Kun

Your attention is going to be caught by the attractive paintings created by the fantastic painter and at the same time artist whose name is Wang Kun and whose art works we are going to represent to your attention so willingly right here and right now.

Artist Wang Kun's painting

While searching for more art news from this very artist Wang Kun we found out that: “Born in Jilin Province China .His legs were paralyzed due to the poliomyelitis at the age of 3.Now, Lives and works in Beijing, China.

Artist Wang Kun’s life

Wang Kun started liking the painting and begins to learn painting. Because of natural limitation, he spent most of his times in learn by teach himself. Though it was a very painful process, every step of it in is systematic, strict and regular. After having been learning for many years, he steps on the road of the modern classical realisim oil painting finally. He studied, researched and concluded exquisite oil painting techniques deeply of many classical artists, such as Ingres, Rembrandt etc.firstly. At the same time he absorbed the performance techniques and artistic spirits of painting masters of “surrealism” and “romantic realism”, and formed his special style with the art language. It is a special expression method mixing the classicality and modern, the dream world and realistic together. His paintings was beginning announcing on newspapers or magazines such as China Youth Daily etc.In 1995, he took part in Art Exhibition in Australia from China and made a great success in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane etc.”

Find out more about Art Painter Wang Kun by staying with us!


Art by Robert Rauschenberg

We are proud to represent to your attention the talented artist and at the same time painter whose name is Robert Rauschenberg and whose art works are represented right here and right now.

Art by Robert Rauschenberg

About Robert Rauschenberg

Speaking about this artist we can not but mention some information from the personal web site of the artist which is: “Robert Rauschenberg was born in 1925, in Port Arthur, Texas and died on Captiva Island, Florida in 2008. He has had numerous exhibitions worldwide, including “Robert Rauschenberg: A Retrospective,” Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (1997, traveled to Menil Collection, Contemporary Arts Museum, and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Museum Ludwig, Cologne and Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, through 1999); “Combines,” Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (2005, traveled to Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Centre Pompidou, Paris, and Moderna Museet, Stockholm in 2007); “Cardboards and Related Pieces,” Menil Collection, Houston (2007); “Traveling ‘70–‘76”, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves, Porto (2008, traveled to Haus der Kunst, Munich, and Madre, Naples in 2009); “Gluts,” The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice (2009, traveled to The Tinguely Museum, Basel, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, and Villa e Collezione Panza, Varese in 2010); and “Botanical Vaudeville”, Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh (2011). Gagosian Gallery first exhibited Robert Rauschenberg’s work in 1986″.

Besides that in this art collection we can surely see mixtures of sculture and also drawings and why not expressionism, so just have a deep and at the same time close look at these amazing paintings and photography art which are mixed in the art of this fantastic artist whose name we are going to keep in our minds abd whose name is Robert Rauschenberg.

Just stay with us for more art news.

Paintings from Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg Gallery


A Small Taste to Wet Your Artistic Thirst by Paul Livesay

This artist Paul Livesay whom we found out eventually and fortunately seems to be a promising artist and painter and the art works which we are so willingly representing to your attention are from an art collection which was called A Small Taste to Wet Your Artistic Thirst.

166905_252090631527714_661420631_nAll Categories

Speaking about these amazing and at the same time interesting paintings we can not but mention some biography information about the creator of these fantastic and at the same time colorful drawings Paul Livesay.

We found out the facebook page of this very artist so we are happy to represent to your attention the words of the artist Paul Livesay: “5 years of my life spent creating poetry in colors – feeling and getting in touch with my emotions and then putting them on canvas: all these paintings are for sale…”.

Just try to have a deep and at the same time close look at these very art and you will be able to find out the inner emotions and feeling of this very painter Paul Livesay.

After having a deep and close look at these very abstract like art feel free to share your own opinions and ideas with us. Stay with us for more art news.


3D Surrealism by Jacek Yerka

We are happy to represent to your attenion the amazing art works that are created by the artist and at the same time painter whose name we should keep in our minds and whose name is Jacek Yerka and whose art collection is represented to your attention right here and right now.


Just try to be attentive enough to have a deep and at the same time close look at these paintings which can be put into surrealism and which are the art of the artist Jacek Yerka.

While speaking about this artist Jacek Yerka we should state the words which we found out in the personal web site of the artist and here is the information: “Summer has come already ! Jacek has plenty of work until October, painting new works, that are already reserved. All acrylic works are sold, new are not likely to arrive before end of the year. However if you want to order a new painting please refer to New project section where you can choose among Yerka’s ideas still not made in a form of acrylic work.

We are sorry to deny all requests for exhibitions (thank you for so many invitations !) but Yerka works hang on collectors’ walls, and we are not able to complete a basic set of paintings for an exhibition.

Since Jacek Yerka needs a lot of time and work to complete his paintings, he is not able to answer many questions we receive about the background of his works. We are getting many requests from students or scholars who often take Yerka works as a topic of their presentations or classworks and then ask for additional information – i.e. how the painting was created, what the author had in mind .. etc.

We read all these requests, but due to Jacek’s assignments it is very hard to answer to all of them. We are trying to make a summary of his paintings along with all stories related to them, but it will still take a lot of time. We count on your comprehension.

The section of the giclee shop has been updated recently, so we welcome you to browse and choose. There is also a limited quantity of framed giclees still available”.

Just stay wuth us for more art news.


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